Partners and Conservation

Conservation is multi-faceted in Southern Oregon. Our rivers are warming and though we have a great return of steelhead our salmon populations are suffering.  Be it habitat restoration, lobbying next to grassroots organizations, bringing education to the classroom, or collaborations with other river stewards we are up for the task. As guides and outfitters, we are the first face for rivers. We have an important role as guides, parents, good citizens and community leaders. Wild fish are the anti-bodies that give the river and our community sustenance. More protection for rivers bring better connections with a sense of place where everyone belongs but is held accountable. We advocate for many large- and small-scale issues in Southern Oregon from logging, habitat restoration, and dam removal. We make sure our voice is heard! Our partners work relentlessly in order to protect sanctions, creatures, and sections of the river that are rich in our communities. We are proud to be partners and work with such educated and tireless fighters.